Keisuke Matsuura, born in 1970 in Kyoto, lives and works in Dusseldorf. After studying at the Tama Art University in Tokyo, he studied since 1997 with Christian Megert and Daniel Buren at the Art Academy Düsseldorf.

During his studies in Tokyo, work by Zero artists impressed him greatly during his European tour. These works have inspired him and since then influenced his further work. The work of the Zero artists was also the reason to come to Germany and work there.

Matsuura tries to organize meeting points in his work between the shapes he creates and the ambience in which he brings them. The shape he brings in, such as a line or a square is e.g. changed by wind currents, vibrations, magnetism, etc., but the original shape still remains recognizable. The artificial, his intervention in nature, or in a room remains visible, but something new arises through the forces acting in this space on the form given by him. Matsuura is interested in this coincidence of the given form and the place that influences it.